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Address: Nihon University College of Economics 3-2 Kanda-Misakicho 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8360 Japan.


    Ph.D., Economics, University of Tokyo, 2004.
    (Dissertation title: Essays on Incentive Schemes in Organizations)

    M.A., Economics, University of Tokyo, 2000.

    B.A., Economics, Hosei University, 1998.

    Professor, College of Economics, NIhon University,
    April 2018-.

    Associate Professor, University Research Center/Population Research Institute, Nihon University,
    April 2015-March 2018.

    Associate Professor, Advanced Research Institute for the Sciences and Humanities (ARISH), Nihon University,
    April 2005-March 2015.

    Associate Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS),
    April 2004-March 2005.

    Research Associate, GRIPS,
    October 2003-March 2004.

    Research Associate, CIRJE, the University of Tokyo,
    April 2003-September 2003.

    Other Affiliations and Experience

    Adjunct Associate Professor, GRIPS,
    April 2005-March 2018.

    Visiting Lecturer, International Christian University,
    April 2005-March 2007.

    Research Fellow, Population Research Institute, Nihon University (NUPRI),
    October 2005-March 2011.

    Fellow, Center for Japanese Business Studies, Hitotsubashi University,
    June 2006-March 2008.

    Expert Member, Council for the Promotion of Regulatory Reform, Cabinet Office,
    October 2007-March 2010.

    Research Advisor, National Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA),
    August 2008-March 2009.

    Member, Regulatory Reform Section, Government Revitalization Unit, Cabinet Office,
    April 2010-July 2010.


    Working Papers and Work in Progress

  • Overconfidence in Economic Contests

  • Costs of Enforcement in Developing Countries with Credit Market Imperfections, with Noriyuki Yanagawa

  • Inventing Around and Litigation under Asymmetric Information, with Reiko Aoki.

  • Implicit Reverse Discrimination in Firms.

  • Patentability of Research Tools and Public-private R&D Competitions, with Kiyoka Ohora.

  • Reputation Management and Seniority Systems in Firms

  • The equilibrium bids in a first price auction with and without cartel formation, with Minoru Kitahara

  • Formation, integration and fragmentation of labor unions in Japanese firms

  • Covenants not to Compete and Firms' Recruiting Strategies

  • A deterrence effect of the electorate's disappointment on candidates' over-promise, with Minoru Kitahara
    [pdf] (This version: January 20, 2013)
    Research and Teaching Interests
    Microeconomic theory, Contract theory, Organization design, Law and economics, Labor economics.
    Referee for
    Economic Inquiry, Economics Letters, Japanese Economic Review, Journal of Public Economic Theory, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies.


  • Labour economics (ARISH, Nihon University) Graduate

  • Microeconomics for policy analysis (GRIPS) Graduate

  • Introductory economics (School of public policy, Tohoku University)